Mentors, Artists, Collaborators

Robert Nogues

Robert Nogues was my teacher at the university Beaux-Arts de Paris. Expert mould-maker, he undertook the plaster reproductions of the original sculptures for the RodinBourdelle and Zadkine museums.

I had the opportunity to work with his grandfather’s tools, since in that era an apprentice’s first step was to fashion his own tools.

Yan Zelenka

Sculptor Artist from the Czech fine arts school Beaux Arts de Prague, I learnt forgotten artisan craft techniques working with Yan. From then on he’s been a friend and valued partner  to collaborate with on certain specialised sculpture and moulding projects.és.


Hervé Cappelli

After my studies, I was the apprentice of the expert mouldmaker Cappelli (Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres) for 6 years. He was responable for artists’ work such as Alberto Giacometti, Jean Arp and even Fernando Botero.

I began using tools belonging to his father that are still in my arsenal today.

Beaux-Arts de Paris

Sébastien studied sculpture, plaster, wood and model-making at the fine arts school Beaux-Arts de Paris under the guidance and tutelage of Jean Cardot. He then worked with him on several prestigious sculpting projects, including the well-known statues of Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill on the Champs Elysées.

Rosine Baldaccini

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with modern and contemprary artists such as the  widow of the famous sculptor  César and many other sculptors of l’Institut de France.

Louise Bourgeois

The work of this French-American sculptor is no longer displayed. I worked on the restoration of many typical, emblematic pieces with the artist. Through her sketches, drawings, and sculptures, she skillfully and adeptly communicated the emotions she experienced in daily life, maintaining her characteristic surrealism.

Marie-Jo Bourron

Known for her monumental, large-scale sculptures, Marie-Jo’s speciality is bronze. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her to create moulds for several of her bronze artworks.

Richard Lefer

Expert sculptor specialised in masterpieces from the 18th century.